Haunters Against Hunger Haunted House

In addition to the Demos, Haunters' Show n Tell, haunters by the campfire, virgin sacrifices, burning and pillaging local campsites we will continue the tradition of hosting our annual Haunters Against Hunger charity event (Please Note: Great Lakes FrightFest T-Shirts will be sold to help recoup the expenses of the Haunted House).


The good news: the Haunted House will belong to Great Lakes FrightFest, to be used annually! It is always great to hear the comments from past years that this was better than the ones they paid $15.00 or $20.00 for!

What is it?: Huge Haunted House - Over 4000 square feet ! ! ! ! The Haunted House will operates Saturday evening, at Dusk / Dark. And will be open to the other guests of the campground, for the admission of one canned good.

The mission: Build a haunted house and raise as many can goods as possible! Of Course, scare the Beejebers of all who enter!! All food donations will go to A local Food Bank. We're also accepting animal food donations going to the Humane Society of Monroe County, helping feed our little furry friends as well.

Participate: We will have a limited amount of rooms available. We currently only have a few rooms available. The rooms are approximately 10' X 10'. Electricity will be provided, but bring your own extension cords. You must request a room in advance. Rooms will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Design a room - your props, your costumes, your designs! We may be able to provide You with a few additional actors if needed! Please Keep it at PG-13. You are responsible for your own room (equipment, props, people etc.). We nor the campground are liable for lost or stolen goods. On Sunday, You will have the opportunity to do a walk through / Show n Tell of your room!!

YES - Your room *will* be judged!! Not by your peers - but from the patrons who attend! First, Second and Third place trophies will be presented at Sunday's Lunch


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